Development Programmes

Program Status
Octreotide SDI® Glide’s octreotide solid dose formulation has achieved successful results in a clinical proof-of-concept study comparing it with the currently marketed liquid product (Sandostatin®). Glide works with Albany Molecular Research Inc for manufacture for its clinical studies.
Teriparatide SDI® In November 2012 Glide was awarded £2.3m by the UK’s Biomedical Catalyst for the development of a novel solid dose formulation of teriparatide for the treatment of osteoporosis. Glide announced (23 April 2015) a successful demonstration of bioequivalence with teriparatide SDI® in a preclinical model, using Lilly’s teriparatide (Forteo®/Forsteo®) as a comparator.   A clinical study with teriparatide SDI® is targeted for 2017.
Exenatide SDI® Glide is continuing its exploration of the solid dose formulation platform for the delivery of therapeutics currently self-administered by patients. The field of GLP-1 agonists is attracting a great deal of commercial attention and Glide has recently demonstrated equivalence to Byetta in a preclinical pharmacokinetic study.
Glide Anthrax vaccine In April 2013 Glide was awarded a development sub-contract by Pfenex Inc to develop a solid dose formulation containing the Anthrax bacillus recombinant protective antigen (‘rPA’). The Pfenex project is funded in whole with Federal Funds from the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (’NIAID’). In March 2015, following successful formulation and stability studies, Glide announced a continuation of the Pfenex sub-contract.  Preclinical studies continued during 2016.
Glide Influenza Virus Vaccine Glide has entered a collaboration with Cilian AG on the use of solid dose formulation to develop a seasonal influenza vaccine that might benefit from both the stability that solid dose formulation brings and the potential safety and ease of administration delivered by the SDI® actuator.